Event tips

Event beauty tips

▪ Avoid deep facial cleansing and tanning for at least 2 weeks before the event

▪ Before the stylist arrives, you can use a moisturizing sheet mask
▪ Don't forget to take care of the skin of your hands and feet, use body lotion or cream
▪ It is better to wash your hair in the morning and dry thoroughly. I do use a hairdryer to prepare hair, but I use special styling blow dry products that are applied on dry hair
▪ Do not apply any hair products without discussing with the stylist. Oils and hair masks make it very difficult to work on a hairstyle 

▪ Prepare for a touch up: lipstick / gloss, matte wipes / powder, concealer

Organising space


▪ Find a spot with good light by a window 

▪ Make sure there are nearby sockets for hair tools and a table for the makeup kit

▪ Set up a middle-sized mirror if having a hairstyle (or we can move to another spot with a mirror)